Wednesday, April 25, 2007

just blame it on [insert scapegoat of choice here]

lots of disturbing buzz in the media the last few weeks between the government, don imus, and the virginia tech tragedy. it would be a breath of fresh air for someone to stand up, take the blame, and accept any and all consequences for a change. it seems that our school systems should begin teaching "passing the buck 101" as a core requirement to survive in corporate america. i could not believe i watched the president reject all responsibility this past summer in a nationally televised address. enough about that though.......

work has come to a screeching halt as validation attempts are not cooperating at the moment which makes anymore empirical tests and results useless until they can be verified mathematically. i hope i can resolve the issue before too long. the timing is fine though because i need to put together a presentation for our group meeting on monday.


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