Thursday, April 05, 2007

new motivation, new outlook

after some much needed reflection, i realized that i had become VERY complacent, VERY lackadaisical, VERY content, VERY pleased, and VERY lazy. in the last few days, i have noticed that i had not been using my brain at all as i struggled to understand simple concepts and evaluate simple mathematics. i now have a renewed motivation and outlook on life and school as i can only reach my goals if i eliminate all the feelings listed above. excellence and Achievement do not make house calls!!! i could not believe how lazy i had allowed myself to become and vowed to do a 180 degree turn................especially with only 3 months left before i leave for the summer and LOTS of progress to make and LOADS of work to accomplish. it's time to turn the brain back up to full power and to stretch it to the limit and change the world with my phd and socially.

i had to get that on paper first..........

now i can TRY to explain in words how AWESOME egypt was............notice..................i said TRY!!!!! it was beyond amazing. better than any history book or discovery channel program could depict. it was worth every penny and then some. i have to go again. check out the pictures on my website.


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