Wednesday, March 21, 2007

it never thunders or lightnings

what follows is just a bit of randomness for today. anyway, i thought about this a while ago but am just now committing it to my blog. as much as it rains (excuse me.....drizzles.....there is no distinction made between raining and drizzling, so if someone tells you it's raining, it very likely means misting or drizzling and you can proceed on your way out the door) here in the UK, i have never heard any thunder or seen any lightning. there are also very few torrential downpours.....i can count 1 in a year and a half. i am still amazed at how the ground always seems to be wet and soggy. the last week was dry and the ground somehow stayed moist. i am more than ready for the sun to come out and spring to be here.


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