Wednesday, March 07, 2007


i am moving forward again, but things are still a bit slow. i had to run out prematurely yesterday, so i was not able to post an update. at any rate, i am back today. the feeling now is that it is march, and the clock is ticking until i leave in late june for the summer. there is a lot of work for me to get accomplished before i can feel comfortable going into my internship. the work is up to me though. there do not seem to be distractions at the moment, just the delays associated with understanding the best possible path to take next. i have made some initial progress, and the data collected is helpful. the analysis is beating me down at the moment, but i need to come in next week motivated and refreshed to come in and develop my own ideas and be more independent. oh yea, if you were wondering.........i said "come in next week" because i am going to spain for the weekend for my birthday. *big smile* be back monday

p.s. - here is some reading to keep you busy while i am gone:
1. how the mp3 format was born
2. 9 laws of physics that don't apply in hollywood


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