Tuesday, February 20, 2007

my head is pounding

as ambitious and motivated as i started the day, i am stumped at how i ended up with a headache. i had some really good ideas (both school-related and about life) on the walk to work today. on top of that, i had a promising email providing feedback on my thesis proposal waiting on me in my inbox. the feedback was much needed and VERY helpful. next, i volunteered to do a talk next week to the systems research group, and then, i was introduced to a contact at microsoft interested in similar research as myself. finally, i responded to an email that promises to point me to some links to relevant papers that i need to read. so.................how do i manage not to finish the day on a good note? easy!!! when it comes to research, ANYTHING is possible.

the problem.......

the graphs from my initial data collection were not matching my most recent graphs (additional hardware is being monitored now). i saw this yesterday, but i thought the problem may have been an anomaly. i re-ran the test today, making sure to calibrate as accurately as possible in hopes of curing my problem. obviously, this did not work, and i am stuck once again. on the bright side............at least i finally concluded which graphs are correct. tomorrow's problem of the day is to figure out why there is a discrepancy and then fix it.


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