Friday, March 16, 2007

getting it done

the last couple of days have been fairly hectic getting the initial draft and revisions of this paper done. the process has exhausted me today, but i have made good progress. i need to relax this weekend and clear my mind. i am hoping to return monday feeling refreshed and ready to knock the rest of this paper out. it would be nice to be struck with some great ideas too, but i won't push it. feeling refreshed will be just enough for me. picking up the work intensity with this paper has really been beneficial. i am sure this is why i feel so drained and tired. i am trying not to let myself get too excited about this first, possible, submission. this will be a huge milestone for me that i will always remember. it's funny because i set a tentative deadline around march-april to have a submission. the deadline was set this summer, and it's ironic that it is actually unfolding as i had planned, potentially. i am gonna keep my fingers crossed and keep pressing forward with the revisions and remaining work. if all goes well, this should be a really good paper to start my publications.


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