Tuesday, March 20, 2007

things are coming together

today was a more upbeat day than yesterday, but i still feel that i wasted a large portion of the day. my paper is making its way through the revision process, and i my ideas about my next steps are maturing. i guess it's the whole "what do you have to show for your day" that is making me feel unproductive even though i am making good progress. i made the mistake of thinking about how much more work i have to do before i finish my phd and got slightly depressed. keeping things--time, work accomplished, work to complete--in perspective is such a crucial part of this whole phd process. i am beginning to wonder if anybody ever masters this skill. here i am, almost 2 years in, and i still struggle with wanting to rush or feeling discontent with where i am along the way. all one can do is to hope for the best. but in the meantime............just deal with it and keep it pushing.


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