Friday, April 13, 2007

tracing environment almost setup

after two days of headaches, i, INITIALLY, have my tracing software setup. it is yet to be determined whether it can provide me with information i can use, however. nonetheless, it is installed and i can play around with it and understand how to use it on monday. i just hate that it took this long.

p.s. (get comfy, i have a few articles) - last time i checked.......wrongfully accused was much better than wrongfully imprisoned for 20 plus years!!! a lot more apologies need to be given if this is the standard we are using

watch nobody be held accountable for such a clearly blatant act, i wish the "i did not clearly understand a policy that i had to SIGN indicating that i read AND UNDERSTOOD it" argument worked for everyone!!!

"and we thought we were above the law"...........guess not!!!


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