Tuesday, April 10, 2007

another milestone reached

this afternoon marked the accomplishment of a major goal of mine for this year: submitting my fist academic paper. i am holding off excitement until i hear back from the reviewers that my paper is accepted. however, submission is a big step in itself. i have been working on this paper for about a month now, and i feel really confident in the work i submitted. now, i am in the process of shifting focus to maximizing my progress in these last 3 months here in cambridge. i have a laundry list of possibilities of what to do next, but i think i have finally narrowed it down to one promising project that should take me the entire 3 months, or close enough. before i can get started though, i have a ton of background reading to do to ensure i am not repeating anyone else's work.

hard (and efficient) work and an unwavering focus continue to drive me through this home stretch and my degree.


Blogger plez... said...


i know how focused and goal oriented you are... so congratulations on this next (of many) milestones that you have Achieved! i am really proud of you.

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