Wednesday, November 01, 2006

knowing when to call it a day

today was definitely one of those mundane days where it's difficult to stay positive, motivated, upbeat, etc. my work is pressing forward, but i do not have the tangible results that i would prefer at the moment. it feels weird writing this as the first post on the downside of my second year, but i should have known that it would come. as i go through this phd process, i have a new respect for phd's that have finished. the dedication, intelligence, strength, and perseverance that the degree requires in unbelievable. i am beginning to truly understand the importance of short-term goals in keeping one motivated along the way. i have about three smaller projects that i would like to have finished by the beginning of the year, but i have a lot of work to do and time to juggle in order to make these milestones a reality. well............that's enough for today. the mission now is to get some rest, re-group, and prepare to get the job done tomorrow.


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