Monday, October 30, 2006

still building my foundation

as much as i discuss my ideas and thoughts with others as well as write them down, i still find myself from time to time a bit lost and uncertain. i know what i want to do, and i have even laid out a plan of action to accomplish smaller goals on my way to tackling this phd monster. these feelings may stem from a day full of reading papers detailing research relevant to my interests, and i feel slightly intimidated at the fact that the work i am reading is done or at least much further along than mine.

one of these days, i will be confident in my own research and have a strong enough foundation and base of work to prevent me from being so easily intimidated. as much as i may try at the moment, you can't fake confidence.

p.s. - the ACLU has pulled back its forces after a long fight and many significant gains


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