Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the hand-off

while waiting for the train this morning, i became very confused at why i had not put together a powerpoint presentation for my meeting today. i had created detailed documentation of my application, and even a microsoft visio diagram.....................but no powerpoint. needless to say, i had to get some ideas and create a powerpoint presentation ASAP. i successfully finished the presentation 3 minutes before my meeting. it went really smoothly, and both attendees seemed to understand what was going on. we'll see. the true test comes 6 months down the line when they begin to use my utility and i get an email screaming for help.

my flight leaves at noon tomorrow. so, this is my last blog from berkeley for now. maybe i will be here next summer. hopefully *fingers crossed*, i will be at ibm research in new york. i may be away from the internet for about 3 weeks (i will be in atlanta) until i get back to cambridge. it's been fun.


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