Friday, September 15, 2006

my last friday in the bay

things started full tilt as soon as i walked through the office door today. i was able to keep my head together in the midst of all the chaos though. wrapping up this software project has definitely taken more time than expected. i have an elevated respect for individuals that do this for a living on a much LARGER scale. it's a very tedious process: initial coding, testing, editing, documentation and commenting, quality assurance, security, fault-tolerance.................the list goes on and on. i am just glad that i am done and can relax now. i say done, but knowing me, i will find more changes to implement to make my life interesting.

p.s. - i think it should be illegal to let your kids listen to president george w. bush. he definitely passed the buck (among many other things) on national television this morning with NO SHAME AT ALL.


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