Thursday, October 26, 2006

what happened to yesterday's blog entry???

i had all good intentions to post a blog yesterday, but i had some things come up. i wound up rushing out of my office to get changed for an advanced students matriculation dinner at my college. on my way out of my office, i said that i would just post the blog after dinner. well.........dinner lasted much longer than i anticipated. it was also more draining. after being in the US so long this summer, i forgot how pretentious and posh events like this can be..............*deep sigh*. anyway.........when i got home around 11 pm the power went out soon after i got in the door good. the lights had been surging dim and bright for about 3-5 minutes, so i knew something was up. it turns out that a worker across the street cut a line. the power was not restored until around 6 am this morning. hence, no blog.

today, i did not get as much work as i had planned to do, but my supervision sessions went well. i have another session tomorrow. my goal for this year is to have a productive day EVERYDAY. i would prefer "productive" in this sense to mean physical/tangible work/progress, but i know that may be a bit ambitious. who cares. i am trying to get this research done, get my degree, and change the world!!!


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