Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the research environment is no coincidence

as i have seen this first year, the academic research environment is carefully crafted despite looking as merely a grouping of minds with like interests. the many times i have been unsure and felt lost, i was able to go and talk with an older student or research assistant, and they knew exactly how to settle any uneasiness that i may have had. i get so caught up with trying to produce a revolutionary phd at times that i forget that the other students felt exactly like i do not too long ago when they were in my shoes. the advice, words of encouragement, and the help with research ideas have been invaluable this first year. the whole phd process is very amazing when you sit and think about it. it is a growing process that kind of takes place right before your eyes. i have a new found respect for advisors and researchers because they are responsible for producing the next wave of phds to one day take their place. i sit and wonder sometimes that some lonely researcher had to be the one to get his phd before there were any advisors to advise him. i am VERY thankful that i am not him. i could not do this without the guidance and encouragement that my colleagues provide. my spirits have been renewed today, and i plan to hit the ground running tomorrow morning.


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