Thursday, May 18, 2006

7 months in

as my first year begins to wind down......or at least me beginning to think about what to submit for my first-year report and thesis proposal......, i have definitely seen the ups and downs that i was told a phd came with. i have also seen that i am blessed to be in such an awesome group of researchers. they have been great and very instrumental in helping me adjust to my phd and also to a new country. the ideas and suggestions that different people have seem to always be right on time. others have helped me in areas that are not truly relevant to my research and i particularly may not be strong in. the enthusiasm that others have shown me as i continue to start developing my own ideas that research has been very encouraging and motivating as well.

i am dreading (come on, its about 60 pages. who wants to look forward to that?) and looking forward to (i am eager to see all the things i have learned and how much i have things together in the midst of me feeling like i have wasted the last 7 months of my life.) writing my report and proposal. i did a bit of brainstorming today, and it turns out that i may have a ground-breaking phd after all if things fall into place as i would like them to (granted, my phd may not be as monumental as some in the past, but i strongly feel many people -technical and non-technical alike- would want to read my work once done).


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