Monday, May 22, 2006

too many hours, not enough results

to have been at work for 8 hours, i do not feel like i got 8 hours worth of work accomplished. granted, progress was made, but not enough for my satisfaction. i am feeling a bit lost again at the moment because i do not have any idea what to do next. as a result of this, i am pressing myself to come up with some ideas by myself without anyone else's help. i just feel like it is time for me to break away from the other students and researchers that have been helping me and start flying on my own (maybe it is too early for this......???). either way, i stayed at work about 30 minutes longer to sit and think of some of my own ideas and where i wanted to take my research next and could not come up with anything. what a way to end the day!!! to top things all off, it wasn't raining outside when i decided to stay, and now it is pouring. lucky me.


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