Tuesday, August 25, 2009

24,000 words and counting

24,000 words in my dissertation and it's looking good. it has been non-stop work the last 2 weeks. i look forward to a few days of relaxing in scotland soon. i can see the end, and it is just added motivation to keep pressing forward. i have almost got things on autopilot, but there are some nagging experiments and calculations that i must finish. they are turning into royal pains in the ass, but i hope to have things solved in the next week or so. we shall see. i hope to get back to thinking of thought-provoking blog posts. i do apologize for my slow down.

p.s. - i am reading 4-hour work week and seneca: letters from a stoic and both books are EXCELLENT. i definitely would encourage you to pick them up and read them.

also, make sure to start checking tim ferriss' blog regularly. he has a GREAT post about rev. dr. martin luther king, jr. up now.