Friday, July 13, 2007

a sucker for passion

how many people know/can express what it is that they are passionate about? .........from my experience, it is not many. i am not sure if people do not take the time to sit and reflect on what they want to do in life (outside of career), but i think it's sad that so many people's response is "i don't know" to this question. i feel that this has some direct relationship to the number of "lost" individuals out there..................mediocre individuals that just want to "get by" (i'll save my feelings about that phrase for another soap box session). what in the world do you get out of bed for in the morning if you are not passionate about anything?

i don't know what it is, but i have more than a soft spot for passion. i tend to understand how one feels under certain conditions. at times, i question myself for possibly being too passionate about a number of things.....sports and competition being one of those. can you be too passionate?

i hate to rush but i have to go. more next week if the juices have time to flow over the weekend.

Friday, July 06, 2007

in too much of a hurry

the last few week has been run-and-gun from the moment i wake up until i go to bed. i have never really realized it before, but i take less time for me and my thoughts. there is always something to do, and i need to try harder to de-program myself from "finding" something to do when i feel "bored." in the uk, there isn't ever much going on that i am interested in, so i am forced to lose myself in my thoughts......which has proved to be a very relaxing and refreshing exercise. the fact that i don't walk anywhere either takes away a lot of the time i would have to let my mind wonder. this is as much as i can muster at the moment. i guess i have another project for the summer now!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

good confusion

so i started my internship officially yesterday morning. things have been hectic the last week since getting back to the us, but i am extremely happy to be home for a while. internet access has been sparse as well (sorry for the lack of posts)!!! i am really excited about my internship and the work, contacts, and knowledge i will be exposed to during the next few months. the goal is to try and maximize my accomplishments and the knowledge i can use to propel my own research back in cambridge. i feel confident that the progress i envision will come come to fruition.

when deciding to start working this week, i failed to consider the fact that people may take off this week for the 4th of july. as you can imagine, no one is here. that has hindered my orientation somewhat, but i have been able to tackle the small administrative tasks associated with a new job. i am hoping to finish the more technical orientations and introductions beginning next week. of course, tomorrow is a holiday, and i can get more up-to-speed with the test environments and test scripts come thursday. i am still searching for a routine so i can really get comfortable. for now, i will just keep floundering and get things done as they come to mind.